Waka kayaks has been born from the paddlers’ desire to have a kayak that has both great design and a quality build. Our priority is for kayaks to be both durable and still remain lightweight. No longer will the kayaker have to carry a 26kg boat to the river or choose to walk a rapid to prevent boat damage.

Our designs are leading the world in performance and with the launch of Waka Kayaks our products have the manufacturing quality to match.

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Tuna Kayak
Tutea Kayak

The Tuna Kayak

The Tuna was designed by Kenny Mutton in 2011. It was first showcased in the Adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship where, in the Tuna, Sam Sutton managed to take the win by 2.3 seconds. From there the Tuna has gone on to be the most successful kayak on the extreme racing circuit, winning almost every extreme race it has ever entered. In Sickline this year the Tuna still gained the fastest overall time and set new course record.

Previously manufactured by New Zealand company Bliss-stick, the Tuna exploded on to the kayak scene but many disappointed paddlers have just not been able to get hold of one. The Tuna has been much sought after but there have been few on the market. For this reason, Waka Kayaks has brought the mould to Europe, added the expertise of Mike Nekar and we are set to supply the waiting market with a top quality product.

The Tuna has a design that will make you feel like a pro, No other creek boat performs in the same way. The first time you boof or accelerate off a wave this becomes very obvious as the Tuna starts to plane. The release edges allow it to still be manoeuvrable at speed making a change of direction no problem. The Tuna's unique tail reduces back looping and stopping in holes. It has plenty of room for gear to make it a great multi day boat.

Length: 2590mm

Width: 675mm

Weight: 21kg

Paddler weight: 60-120kg

Volume: 300 litres

The Tuna best suits paddlers in the range of 70kgs - 110kgs.

Easy to adjust outfitting is what the Tuna has been equipped with. We wanted to have strong but fast adjustment to our outfitting to ensure it caters for everyone from schools to experts.

The seat is Roto-moulded. It has two sliders on the top, to adjust the seat position. All that is needed is two screws to be loosened and the seat will slide forward and backwards. The seat is very comfortable especially over longer periods of time.

Hip Pads
The hip pads are the most adjustable on the market with a simple elastic sock giving easy access to adjust the amount of foam needed.

The back-band is extremely comfortable. It is adjusted by two ratchets and ladders and can be adjusted even more by altering the length of webbing on the ladder. The back-band has been mounted in such a way to allow easy access to any safety equipment or overnight gear stored in the rear of the kayak.

Thigh braces
The thigh braces are also extremely adjustable. With one pin through the top you can adjust the thigh cup to give you the ultimate fit. They can also slide forward and backwards by loosening another screw around the cockpit rim.

Foot Block
The foot block system is held by one pin but mounted through the kayak with two. This is to spread the load through the kayak but make for fast, easy adjustment, The bulkhead is fitted with thick foam to give comfort and to help absorb pressure under large impacts. The foot brace also comes with extra foam to make the kayak fit a wider range of paddler sizes.

The Tutea Kayak

Following in the foot steps of it's big brother the Tutea is set to be the leader of the pack in the small to medium size creek boat class. With the same smooth lines and well proportioned rocker that has carried the Tuna to be the best creek boat on the market the Tutea will be taking the smaller paddler leaps and bounds in their personal paddling skills and confidence.

The Tutea is 250cm long 66cm Wide and has a volume of 270L The edges have been slightly increased to ensure the boat carries it speed through the exit of any waterfall or hole.

The boat suits paddlers in the weight category form 50kg to 75kg. It has a narrower feel and is taking these smaller paddlers to the next level.

As Evan Garcia said about the Tuna "finally I have a kayak that will allow me to improve my paddling skills and push me to the next level." We are confident that this boat is already doing just that.

Length: 2500mm

Width: 660mm

Paddler weight: 50-75kg

Volume: 270 litres


Warranty Disclaimer:

  • Waka kayaks have an extended warranty for two years.
  • At Waka Kayaks it is extremely important to us to ensure our kayaks are of high quality and won’t let paddlers down.
  • The warranty covers both plastic and parts, manufacturing and material defects.
  • The warranty is subject to the registration of a purchased boat with Waka Kayaks within 30 days of purchase.
  • The manufacturer or seller undertakes to change and/or repair the kayak or any part thereof.
  • The company Waka kayaks is not responsible for any additional warrantees granted by the seller.
  • Kayaking is a potentially dangerous sport and Waka Kayaks assumes no liability for any damage or injury incurred in connection with the use of its products.

Conditions of claim:

  • Proof of boat warranty registration must be presented.
  • A written explanation and photographs of damage must be provided.
  • The justification of the claim must be authorised by Waka Kayaks in consultation with the manufacturer.

Warranty is not valid in these cases:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Any damage due to improper, excessive or abusive useScenarios where damage to a kayak might normally be expected (e.g. damage caused after a swim, when an empty kayak has filled with water and impacted or hit against rocks)
  • Rock pitons
  • Changes made to the shell or outfitting of the kayak (including customization or repair), except where this work has been completed by Waka Kayaks
  • Damage to the boat from using a modified brace or from removal of the reinforcing foam
  • Damage during transportation and shipping
  • Damage to the kayak caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight, high heat or severe cold

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